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What’s the latest in video conferencing solutions? What’s on the horizon for small businesses in video conferencing? The world of video conferencing moves fast, and we want you to be able to keep up with it. Follow our top articles here.

Case Study: Zoom Takes Video Conferencing on the Road with Logitech MeetUp

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Check out this case study to see how Zoom is partnering with Logitech to enhance interactive collaboration.

Facial recognition in home hub devices

Google Nest Facial Recognition Raises Privacy Issues–and Video Calling Standards

The digital revolution has killed off passive consumerism. That’s both an empowering and confronting turn of events. As a positive, it has made digital services and products more responsive to consumer demands, resulting in...
Telemedicine and maternal health practices can

Indian Telemedicine and Maternal Health Practices Could Save Lives in the U.S.

It is something of a technological miracle. Over the past two years, doctors in a remote corner of India have eradicated maternal deaths during pregnancy and childbirth from more than 180 rural villages. Eight...
always-on video conferencing in an office common room

Always-On Video Conferencing May Be Best for Socializing, Not Working

Finding a way to promote team culture among remotely located professionals has become the “build a better mousetrap” challenge of the digital age. As modern workplaces become more mobile and video conferencing encourages face-to-face...
Making a video call between Android and iOS phones

The Best Apps for Making a Video Call Between Android and iOS

If you ask us, Google is more enlightened than Apple. When the search engine giant created Google Duo, a dedicated video conferencing app for Android-powered smartphones, it was broad-minded enough to let iOS users...
A student uses Hopecam to participate in school

Hopecam Uses Video Conferencing to Keep Students with Cancer Connected to Classmates

“Friendships are a powerful healing force for physical and mental illness…strong, healthy relationships and a supportive environment are important resources to draw upon when dealing with any of life’s difficult, stressful, traumatic or life-threatening...
Trueconf review discusses pros and cons of the platform

TrueConf Review: A Versatile Solution for Broadcasting Video

TrueConf is a video conferencing launch pad. It is a scalable solution with multiple tiers, including a cloud-based version as well as a secure software server solution. If you are looking to take total...
The Logitech Rally boardroom video conferencing solution

Boardroom Video Conferencing Solutions That Stand Out in the Crowd

Boardroom video conferencing systems are the prestige end of video performance. While a simple laptop and external webcam might be enough to power your home office, the latest boardroom offerings are as much about...
Corporate live streaming a shareholders' meeting

Why Corporate Live Streaming May Be the Most Effective Form of Company Messaging

Warren Buffett has been doing it for years now and most people in the business world would agree that if it’s good enough for him, it's certainly worth trying. It’s corporate live streaming, and...
The challenges of telenursing

Challenges of Telenursing: Redefining the Patient Experience

How do you judge the bedside manner of a digital nurse? Managing the expectations of patients receiving care from remote nurses is one of the biggest challenges of telenursing. Providing care from afar by digital...
Demonstrating Slack and Zoom integration

Slack and Zoom Integration Helps Each Platform Compete Against Microsoft

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This ancient proverb usually reserved for geopolitical conflict is currently being applied in the video conferencing world to win the battle for your business communications dollar. The...

Infographic: How Video Collaboration Creates High Performance

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Video conferencing tools can have a positive effect on employee engagement and productivity. View this infographic to see the benefits of video collaboration.

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