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technical emmy awards 2017

Skype Wins at the Technical Emmy Awards 2017 for Interactive TV App

What do Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jon Hamm, Orange Is the New Black, and Skype have in common?If you said they’re all Emmy winners, then you probably read the title to this post. That big hint...
Milton Chen VSee founder and ceo

The Future of Video Conferencing: VC Daily Interviews Milton Chen, VSee Founder and CEO

VC Daily’s ongoing interview series, The Future of Video Conferencing, is dedicated to gaining insights from industry leaders on how technology will shape the world of tomorrow. Milton Chen, VSee founder and CEO, is...
Local Online Shopping

Local Online Shopping Brings Buyers to Vendors Via Video Chat

Only the natural sunlight of a clear morning can do justice to the baked goods, produce, and works of art on display at a local farmer’s market or craft fair. Along with the chance...
Appear.In vs Hangouts

Appear.In vs Hangouts: Quick and Easy WebRTC VC Can’t Match Google’s List of Features

Comparing the video conferencing merits of Google Hangouts with those of Appear.In is like matching the present up against the future. Hangouts is a fully formed, established app with all the features of today’s...
Instagram Go Live Video

Instagram Go Live Video Could Turn Private Live Streams into Global Hits

The social media wars have just generated a new form of video calling.In an effort to one-up Snapchat, which recently added live video chat, Instagram has introduced a new live video function of its...
cross-platform video conferencing

Is Cross-Platform Video Conferencing Viable Now That Cortana and Alexa Are Becoming Friends?

Artificial intelligence has reached its highest form of human imitation to date--it has become celebrity gossip.  In August, word was released that two of the tech world’s most popular virtual assistants, Microsoft’s Cortana and...
The IRS video portal lets you speak face-to-face about tax problems

The IRS Video Portal Experiment May Make Life Easier for Small Businesses

I don’t know quite how you’re going to feel about this, but the Internal Revenue Service is now making house calls.The least likable department of the U.S. Government--as determined by a Pew Research Center...
eran westman

The Future of Video Conferencing: VC Daily Interviews Eran Westman, Vidyo CEO

VC Daily’s interview series, The Future of Video Conferencing, looks for answers to the question of how evolving technology will shape the world around us by speaking directly with the people at the forefront...
Intel RealSense 3D webcam

Tech Like the Intel RealSense 3D Webcam Will Help Doctors Attract Patients

How did you choose your doctor? Unless you were referred by a friend or family member, it's likely you made your decision in real estate terms: location, location, location. Around 60% of Americans attend...
video conferencing in government

Video Conferencing in Government: India’s Prime Minister Empowers Small Groups

A democracy of, by, and for the people should probably hear from the people as well.The sheer size of a country like the United States or a city like Chicago makes it inherently difficult...

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