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The Facebook app Bonfire looks to be a clone of apps like Houseparty.

New Facebook App Bonfire Merges Snapchat with Houseparty for a Virtual Living Room

Facebook, the world’s busiest social network, is secretly building its users a quiet little getaway where they can chill with friends.Part Facebook app, part standalone platform, this new group video calling service is an...
Video conferencing in education can be used to teach empathy.

Using Video Conferencing in Education Can Create Empathy in Students

We feel greater empathy for people we think are similar to us. Luckily, according to research, that similarity isn’t based solely on looks but rather on the broader social, behavioral, and life experience of...
It's possible to create your will online and register it using video conferencing.

Is Using Video Conferencing to Create Your Will Online the Way of the Future?

Who says the law can’t keep up with technology?An Australian court recently made a ruling that the draft of a text message--not yet sent--signed “My Will” was enough to ensure that a deceased man’s...
Facebook Workplace Video Conferencing could help remote employees connect.

Facebook Workplace Video Conferencing Could Be Key to Informally Connecting Telecommuters

For the better part of a decade, using Facebook at work meant running the risk of being caught using Facebook at work. The world’s largest social media network was also the number one timewaster...
education after a natural disaster

Video Conferencing Enables Education After a Natural Disaster

It’s harder than usual today to concentrate on what the teacher is saying. Through the plastic taped over the broken window, the girl can see her father and some neighbors cutting away pieces of...
Wondering how video conferencing can save money? It's already helping with olympic bids.

How Video Conferencing Can Save Money to Make an Olympic Bid Cheaper and Easier

Nobody wants to host the Winter Olympics anymore. Five cities bid to host the 1998 games, eventually staged in Nagano, Japan. Three bid to host the 2010 event, which went to Vancouver, Canada. By...
Online speech therapy can help kids work on speech problems from home.

Online Speech Therapy Can Get Kids Talking from the Comfort of Home

Every child feels braver when mom and dad are around--and when they’re on their own turf. That’s the secret ingredient that gives telemedicine its power to disrupt juvenile healthcare.Your pediatrician’s office is strewn with...
There are lots of other uses for a webcam besides VC

Six Other Uses for a Webcam That Will Unlock Its Full Potential

The world’s first webcam was built to test the theory that a watched pot never boils. Or something close to that, anyway.In 1991, computer scientists at the University of Cambridge had at their disposal...
virtual reality office building

Creating a Virtual Reality Office Building for Telecommuters

This is the fifth and final post in VC Daily’s telecommuting series. Read the first, second, third, and fourth posts.“As I was going up the stair I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there...
Social media and the workplace can work together to help employees connect.

Social Media and the Workplace: Bringing a Virtual Water Cooler to Telecommuters

This is the fourth post in VC Daily’s telecommuting series. Read the first, second, and third posts.If the boss knew how much time you spent checking social media during your working day you’d be...

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