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What’s the latest in video conferencing solutions? What’s on the horizon for small businesses in video conferencing? The world of video conferencing moves fast, and we want you to be able to keep up with it. Follow our top articles here.

Infographic: What to Look for in Video Conferencing for Huddle Rooms

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Huddle rooms are on the rise as more companies deploy video in small conference rooms. This infographic explains the rise and lists 5 benefits of small room video conferencing systems.

Twitch Sings is a new karaoke feature

What the Twitch Sings Release Says About the Future of Twitch

Twitch is getting ready to share a voice it’s never had before. Renowned as the world’s most popular site for live-streamed gaming, the Amazon-owned platform is once again expanding into new territory, this time by...
Boy using interactive classroom technology

Interactive Classroom Technology Is the Start of the Virtual Visual Education

In the future, we’re thinking kids might be a little less excited about winter break. Why would any student be excited to embrace elderly relatives and sing dorky carols when they spend their school days...
LGBT support groups online

LGBT Support Groups Online Offer Therapy That’s Just as Good as an In-Person Meeting

Video conferencing means never having to be alone. With a webcam or smartphone and the internet, you can theoretically speak face-to-face with anyone in the world. This ability to reach out and be heard can be...
The best cloud-based video conferencing services have good security.

How to Find the Best Cloud-based Video Conferencing Services for Your Business

If you’re a small business looking to invest in video conferencing, all your worries have disappeared up into the clouds. Cloud-based video conferencing has become the industry standard, and its arrival means the departure of...
Filming movies on webcams is a fairly new trend.

Filming Movies on Webcams Is Just Art Imitating Life

There’s a six-year-old boy living somewhere in the U.S. who generates $11 million a year in advertising revenue. His name is Ryan and he reviews toys on his own YouTube channel. Those reviews are...
Facial recognition privacy issues are inevitable as webcams get smarter.

Facial Recognition Privacy Issues Shouldn’t Make You Wary of Your Webcam

The fact that your computer can recognize your face is pretty cool. The fact that your friend’s computer can recognize your face should make you a little concerned. The facial recognition technology behind both possibilities is...
An Apple conference room display is easy with Lifesize Share.

An Apple Conference Room Display Is at Your Fingertips As Lifesize Goes Agnostic

We’re all individuals until we have to choose a tech team. For all the elasticity and seemingly boundless reach of the digital age, you make a choice every time you pick a computer, a smartphone,...
The best gaming chat headsets have surround sound and noise reduction.

The Best Gaming Chat Headsets Keep Your Focus on the Competition

The only one of your five senses that can be truly immersed in an online game is your hearing. Your eyes can see the edges of your screen, and your fingers feel the plastic...
Mondopad vs Surface Hub digital whiteboarding in the office

Mondopad vs Surface Hub: Can an Unknown Beat Microsoft at Its Luxury Digital Whiteboard...

To really compare brands of luxury cars, you have to forget about what you need and focus entirely on what you want. It’s an exercise in excess, after all. If you’re concerned about fuel efficiency...
Zoomtopia 2018 brought in Macklemore as a guest.

Macklemore Headlines Zoomtopia 2018 As Zoom Strives to Better Integrate With Workflows

The good people at Zoom are living out a video conferencing dream, the kind of dream where pop stars appear before thousands of adoring fans to proclaim their love for video conferencing. Little more than...

Whitepaper: The Collaborative Enterprise and Modern Meeting

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Read this whitepaper by Wainhouse Research to better understand the evolution of the modern collaborative workplace and the role of video conferencing in it.

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