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What’s the latest in video conferencing solutions? What’s on the horizon for small businesses in video conferencing? The world of video conferencing moves fast, and we want you to be able to keep up with it. Follow our top articles here.

Ebook: Video Collaboration in Huddle Rooms

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When equipped with video conferencing tools, small meeting rooms like huddle rooms allow remote employees to participate in ad hoc collaboration. Learn about the latest end-user behaviors and preferences when video conferencing from a huddle room in this data-packed eBook from Wainhouse Research.

Zoomtopia 2018 brought in Macklemore as a guest.

Macklemore Headlines Zoomtopia 2018 As Zoom Strives to Better Integrate With Workflows

The good people at Zoom are living out a video conferencing dream, the kind of dream where pop stars appear before thousands of adoring fans to proclaim their love for video conferencing. Little more than...
The best video conferencing equipment of 2018 includes headsets, speakers, mics, and webcams.

The Best Video Conference Equipment of 2018 Makes Great Holiday Gifts

There’s more to video conferencing than meets the eye. It may be a visual medium but there’s a lot of equipment that goes into making a great video call, or live stream, or online gaming...
The most interesting webcams of 2018 have nifty features like 4K.

The Most Interesting Webcams of 2018 Let You Give the Gift of Digital Vision

Anyone who spends time online needs a webcam. Video calling is rapidly growing in popularity and in our opinion is poised to become one of the most important forms of communication in the digital age....
YouCam 8 sticker screenshot

Cyberlink’s YouCam 8 Is Built for Live Streaming and Video Calling Entertainment

If you’re the kind of person who wants to add some literal “wow” and “bang” to your digital communications, then we have the perfect new toy for you. Live streaming and video calling special effects...
Banks are closing as video conferencing banking and online banking increase.

In-Branch Video Conference Banking Is a Dying Digital Compromise

I’m not quite sure if my bank wants me hanging around anymore. Actually, I’m not sure if my bank knows if it wants me hanging around anymore. On one hand, online and smartphone banking appear to...
Logitech and Blue Microphones merger

Logitech and Blue Microphones Merge to Boost their Live Streaming Microphone Market

Video may be the headline attraction, but it’s only half the act when it comes to your live stream. After all, live streaming is about video and audio combined. That means the microphone you...
BlueJeans update screen

A BlueJeans Update Improves the User Experience

This is a bit like catching up with an old friend…only to find they’ve aged spectacularly. We’ve long been a fan of BlueJeans video conferencing. We included it among our favorite video conferencing software vendors of...
Webinars in higher education can make returning to school much easier.

Webinars in Higher Education Are the Future for Mature Students

Does it really matter if you’re in the same room as your teacher during a lesson? The bulk of the conversation is flowing one way, like a television broadcast. There’s seldom a hands-on element to...
The Facebook Portal video chat device has an auto tracking screen.

The Facebook Portal Video Chat Device Looks Impressive–If You Can Get Past Your Privacy...

Such is the level of trust most of us have with Facebook, I could tell you the company’s new webcam can scan your home looking for brands and digital devices and you’d probably believe...
A webcam background screen can be used as a green screen.

The Webaround Webcam Background Screen Is a Handy But Limited Digital Green Screen Alternative

My favorite urban myth involves NASA and a multi-million-dollar space pen. The myth contends that while the U.S. space program in the 1960s spent millions developing a pen that would work in zero gravity, their...

10 Tips for Looking Great on Video

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By taking a few simple steps – and making sure you have a high-quality, HD webcam – you can always be ready for any video meeting or impromptu video collaboration. We’ve put together this list of tips to help you look and sound sharp whenever you’re in front of the camera.

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