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What’s the latest in video conferencing solutions? What’s on the horizon for small businesses in video conferencing? The world of video conferencing moves fast, and we want you to be able to keep up with it. Follow our top articles here.

Does your conference room have the right technology?


Conference rooms equipped with the right technology, such as video collaboration tools, are used are used five times as often as those without. To learn more about how the work environment is changing, check out “The State of Workspaces” Infographic.

Communication between doctors via video conference

Video Conferencing Encourages Communication Between Doctors

Arguably, video conferencing creates better doctors. The technology may generate more attention for the smartphone apps and online portals that place patients in virtual consulting rooms, but it’s also encouraging communication between doctors by forging...
VidCon 2018 takeaways

VidCon 2018 Takeaways: How Live Streaming Could Become the New Mainstream

This year’s VidCon US celebration, held in Anaheim, CA over the summer, was proudly brought to you by Viacom. Actually, VidCon is owned by the multinational, multi-billion-dollar media company Viacom. The fact that a...
Using a video conference remote control during a presentation.

Choosing a Video Conference Remote Control to Complement Your Presentation

The presentation remote is quickly becoming a relic in video conferencing terms. Most of the major webcams and video conference systems still ship with a remote included, but the trend today is toward cameras...
Wireless headset video conferencing in the office

Unplug and Act Naturally with Wireless Headset Video Conferencing

Amid the noise of a crowded office or the bustle of a busy café, you can find your own quiet corner of video communication. By donning a pair of headphones and disappearing into a...
Woman makes an iPhone video conference call

Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Conference Call With These Apps and Gadgets

Even the greediest of iPhone users had to have been impressed with the recent haul they received in the iOS 12 upgrade. Augmented reality improvements made it easier to share 3D images with your...
Telemedicine in schools could help school nurses

Students Get Instant, Expert Care with Telemedicine in Schools

Imagine if your child’s school nurse had the resources of a fully staffed hospital emergency room at their disposal. Every cut, sting, break, fever, asthma attack, and upset stomach could be assessed and diagnosed...
Stanford may have a better way to video conference

Stanford Researchers Have Found a Better Way to Video Conference

Video conferencing has a weight problem. The signals that send your image to me and my image to you are often too big for the networks that run between us to handle. Like digital...
Virtual professional networking via video conferencing

Engage Your Online Social Skills with Virtual Professional Networking

Long before Facebook and LinkedIn, there were business cards...and golf days, and business lunches, and charity events. “It’s not what you know but who you know,” is, after all, an old saying. Social networking may...
Video conferencing group therapy can offer anonymity

Video Conferencing Group Therapy Provides Private Support Online

For patients dealing with illness or injury, there comes a time when the medical treatment ends and they’re left to deal with the physical and emotional scars of their trauma alone. For many, those physical...
Telesurgery in a hospital

Telesurgery Connects a Pennsylvania Surgeon with Outside Experts

During a tense, pressure-packed, potentially life-saving heart operation two surgeons have a conversation. One is offering advice to the other on a particularly complex procedure. While the operating surgeon is intimately linked to the...


In this ebook, Frost & Sullivan looks at today’s agile workers and their desire to collaborate in smarter ways that are more flexible and intuitive. The report recommends best practices for huddle room and mid-sized room collaborations.

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