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What’s the latest in video conferencing solutions? What’s on the horizon for small businesses in video conferencing? The world of video conferencing moves fast, and we want you to be able to keep up with it. Follow our top articles here.

Case Study: Zoom Takes Video Conferencing on the Road with Logitech MeetUp

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Check out this case study to see how Zoom is partnering with Logitech to enhance interactive collaboration.

The Logitech Tap video conferencing hub makes calls easier.

Logitech Tap Video Conferencing Is the Easiest Way to Call

Five minutes of video meeting fumbling can cost you three whole days of production. It takes a little arithmetic to get there (see below), but those wasted moments when connections fail, windows won't open, and...
An IT woman uses video conferencing monitoring software.

Video Conferencing Monitoring Software Keeps Your Calls Connected

Sometimes it’s good to have Big Brother watching over you. If that eye-in-the-sky has your best interests at heart, it can help provide solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. At least, that’s...
Will video conferencing replace travel?

Will Video Conferencing Replace Travel?

A handshake is costing you thousands. If you’re a frequent flier who jets around the country to attend in-person business meetings, you and your company are paying a premium for that brief greeting. The availability...
A Barco video conference solution is helping doctors collaborate.

The Barco Video Conference Solution Is Helping to Fight Cancer

It takes a team to fight something as insidious as cancer. Like a gathering of comic book superheroes, treating a patient with cancer requires a combination of specific skills provided by a host of medical...
Zoho Cliq review

Zoho Cliq Review: Cheap, Basic Video Calling within a Collaboration Platform

Slack is turning video conferencing into an accessory. The revolutionary workplace collaboration app has inspired a host of imitators to create centralized workflow hubs that combine the way we work with the way we...
The most interesting webcams of 2019 have nifty features like 4K.

The Most Interesting Webcams of 2019 Offer Unique Features

Anyone who spends time online needs a webcam. Video calling is rapidly growing in popularity and in our opinion is poised to become one of the most important forms of communication in the digital age....
Skype background blur is now a free feature for desktop Skype users.

Skype Background Blur Is a Gift to Casual Video Callers

Skype is video conferencing’s gateway drug--and it’ll get you hooked for free. The app long synonymous with video calling is less a serious business tool and more of a social service and a free...
Ashton Bentley video conferencing room solutions bring together form and function.

Ashton Bentley Video Conferencing Integration Aims to Make Your Call More Natural

Your car is a perfect example of how to design your video conferencing room. The automotive engineering process designs a car that is a balance between the hardware needed to power the vehicle and the...
Panopto and video conferencing can create a searchable archive.

Panopto and Video Conferencing Lets You Create Your Own Learning Library

Proper opossum massage begins with a stretch and a good shake to get rid of all the stress in your body. Next, you’ll need to moisten your hands with an unscented lotion. Finally, you...
Lifesize video conferencing hardware lets you turn screens into whiteboards

Lifesize Video Conferencing Hardware Offers Four-in-One Versatility

When is a video conferencing screen no longer a video conferencing screen? When it's being used as a digital signpost. Or a digital whiteboard. Or a Bluetooth beacon, for that matter. Video conferencing has become...

Infographic: How Video Collaboration Creates High Performance

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Video conferencing tools can have a positive effect on employee engagement and productivity. View this infographic to see the benefits of video collaboration.

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