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What’s the latest in video conferencing solutions? What’s on the horizon for small businesses in video conferencing? The world of video conferencing moves fast, and we want you to be able to keep up with it. Follow our top articles here.

Case Study: Zoom Takes Video Conferencing on the Road with Logitech MeetUp

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Check out this case study to see how Zoom is partnering with Logitech to enhance interactive collaboration.

Google Voice with G Suite will increase collaboration

Google Voice with G Suite Could Use More Vision

Google is the only advertising company in the world that wants to manage the unified communications of your office. While no Madison Avenue outfit worth its wet bar would even dare dream of controlling...
The top free video conferencing apps

The Top Free Video Conference Apps for Business

You don’t have to pay for video conferencing. If resources are tight, or you prefer to spend your video dollar on high-quality cameras and conference room equipment, the top free video conference apps for business...
2019 Facebook Messenger update could make video calling easier.

Does the 2019 Facebook Messenger Update Make It the Best Social Video Platform?

If there is any love left in your love/hate relationship with Facebook, then now might be the time to summon it. The tech giant that practically invented social media seems to be constantly testing the...
Merger of cloud communications companies Mitel and Avaya

Why a Mitel Avaya Merger Would Improve the Unified Communications-as-a-Service Market

It is getting harder to get things wrong in the unified communications field. Before the advent of cloud technology and the disappearance of communications infrastructure into the ether of someone else’s servers, you had...
Man uses smartphone for video calling

The Best Smartphone for Video Calling Is More Just Than a Big Screen

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has video calling beauty that runs more than skin deep. Regardless of how the expanding phone lives up to the hype, the way it looks should have you staring at the...
Smart glasses for doctors are making up-close medical demonstrations possible.

Smart Glasses for Doctors Must Balance Comfort with Technology

For the patient’s sake, let’s hope there’s a mute button. Poised scalpel in hand over their patient, the surgical instructors of the near future could have a crowd of hundreds of students hovering in their...
Skype video call number of participants has been increased to fifty.

Skype’s Video Call Number of Participants Hits 50–But Why?

Skype refuses to go quietly into video calling’s good night. Everyone’s first video calling love just keeps adapting and evolving and flat out giving away free stuff in order to cling to the edges...
The best cloud-based video conferencing solutions are flexible and versatile.

The Best Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Solutions for You

Selecting the best cloud-based video conferencing solution for you and your business is an exercise for the imagination. Just like the metaphor suggests, the cloud can become whatever shape you can see in it....
Avatar video conferencing using virtual reality glasses

Avatar Video Conferencing Takes a Virtual Leap with Facebook

How deep into the digital realm do you want to dive? Video conferencing can put you face-to-face with anyone on the internet, but do you long to break through the glass of your desktop...
Lifesize video conferencing review

Lifesize Video Conferencing Review: A Revitalized Video Platform

“Traditional, on-premises video conferencing is dying, as today’s organizations look for a more practical solution for connecting and engaging their workforce.” With those words, CEO Craig Molloy breathed new life into video conferencing vendor Lifesize...

Infographic: How Video Collaboration Creates High Performance

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Video conferencing tools can have a positive effect on employee engagement and productivity. View this infographic to see the benefits of video collaboration.

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