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What’s the latest in video conferencing solutions? What’s on the horizon for small businesses in video conferencing? The world of video conferencing moves fast, and we want you to be able to keep up with it. Follow our top articles here.

Device-as-a-service will bring more flexibility to small businesses.

Device-as-a-Service Is the Missing Piece in the Small Business Cloud Computing Puzzle

How do you get to the cloud?Cloud computing has become a big deal in the business world, promising to make all those tedious, non-core IT chores a thing of the past. Within the cloud,...
The Google Hangouts Meet hardware kit includes a Chromebox.

The Google Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit Hopes to Rival Skype Room Systems

Google is finally ready for a video conferencing commitment.After years of switching between video calling platforms and intended audiences--such as when Google Hangouts replaced Google Talk--it has settled on a three-pronged lineup divided between...
Microsoft hololens uses include tours as museums

Microsoft HoloLens Uses Now Extend to Protective Eyewear

Very few of us will ever have to dodge falling debris or battle clouds of dust while sitting in on a video conference, but there’s a section of the community that does face this...
Mediation over Skype will be the way of the future.

Mediation Via Skype Is an Easier, Cheaper Solution for the Digital Age

If you’re the kind of cooler head that prevails when arguments arise between friends and colleagues, you could have a career ahead of you in online mediation.Mediation is the last line before the law....
Online spiritual counseling can support and even replace in-person chats.

Proving There’s No Limit to Online Spiritual Counseling, Pope Francis Video Chats with Astronauts

Drifting through space and 250 miles above Earth is the perfect place to reflect on humankind’s place in the universe. At least, that’s what Pope Francis thinks, judging from his recent video conference call...
Children's telehealth could help kids avoid germy waiting rooms.

Beat Cold and Flu Season with Children’s Telehealth

Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room during the peak of cold and flu season, it’s easy to start thinking every cough and sneeze from the other patients is aimed at you personally. It’s even...
Technology and diversity are not just compatible; they can support one another.

Technology and Diversity: Building an Innovative Business Through Diversity and Collaboration

By Kelly KincaidIf you’ve read any of the numerous studies and business innovation bestsellers out there (here we’ll tip our hats to Intel for putting its money where its mouth is), you know that...
Small businesses could have many uses for holographic video conferencing technology

Even Small Businesses Could Use Holographic Video Conferencing Technology with Public VC Suites

From little things, big things grow.Like this little story in the Dayton Daily News:An Englewood company that plans to develop office centers equipped with remote video conferencing technology (has) acquired a Texas firm and...
A video conferencing app for musicians could let players collaborate over distances.

Three Arizona Students Hope a Video Conferencing App for Musicians Can Change Cities

Music can change the world. Music has a healing power. Music is life itself. Or, if you’re Prince: music is music, if it makes you feel good, cool.Perhaps only the word love inspires as...
unhackable internet communication may be on the horizon.

Unhackable Internet Communication Could Guarantee Video Calling Security

It is now possible for online hackers to control the beating of your heart.In August, the Federal Drug Administration issued a recall of almost half a million implanted pacemakers because poor software security in...

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