At VCDaily we like to think of ourselves as a niche community where video conferencing enthusiasts get together to look for new web collaboration solutions and video conferencing systems. With any novel technology, there’s a community of first-adopters who explore its possibilities and drive its popularity, and this is where you’ll find that community. It’s your spot to explore the thrilling possibilities that video collaboration offers, connect with your peers in the community, and change the way we work, create, and collaborate. Let’s explore this world-changing technology together!


Sophia D.

If it’s hot, Sophia knows about it (even if she doesn’t like it). She prides herself on always knowing what’s now and being able to predict what’s next and what will be forgotten tomorrow. She also owns two cats, which she says are “always trending.”


Allen B.

Allen tells people at parties not to get him started on the interplay between technology, creativity, and business, but does so anyway. He is a long-time observer of the tech world, and is fascinated at the mechanisms by which products or companies rise and fall.


Brianne S.

Brianne is a self-described social-media junkie who knows that getting the word out five minutes late is as bad as not getting it out at all. She’s fascinated by the way social media has transformed how we communicate, and how integrating video more closely with it will alter personal and business relationships.


Lillian C.

As a former teacher and full-time education writer, Lillian wants to promote technology as a way to improve education around the world. She knows that tech by itself isn’t the only answer, but that the right tech, used correctly, can bring education to people most in need.


Charlotte T.

Charlotte loves reading old medical books, marvelling at how little we knew about health not too long ago. Now, she gets to write about biometric robots, remote surgery, and long-distance diagnosis. She’s interested in which technologies will help health, and which are just modern snake oil.


Christopher T.

Christopher wasn’t always the first person to get the newest thing, which is why he feels he can appreciate them even more. As someone who “has had the same haircut for 30 years”, Chris is more interested in how a product fits into his life then if it has the newest bells and whistles.


Lucas D.

“We already live in the future.” That might as well be the motto on Lucas’s business cards. He is passionate about the role of technology in our lives, and loves to write about new developments to find out what we’ll all be using this time next year, and next decade.

Isaac B.

Virtual reality video games. Going to a concert in your own home. Having a movie be an interactive experience. Having Beyonce write a song about you. Isaac knows that all of these, except maybe the last one, will be the entertainment of the future, and he’s excited to tell you all about it.

Ethan J.

For Ethan, technology is never just an abstraction. It has an impact on people’s lives, whether it is to help make prison reform possible or to connect loved ones split by war. And, just as often, it’s about showing videos of dogs setting world records in surfing. If there is tech in the news, Ethan is there.