Choosing the best remote control for video conferencing.

Choosing a Video Conference Remote Control to Complement Your Presentation

The presentation remote is quickly becoming a relic in video conferencing terms. Most of the major webcams and video conference systems still ship with a remote included, but the trend today...
Wireless headset video conferencing in the office

Unplug and Act Naturally with Wireless Headset Video Conferencing

Amid the noise of a crowded office or the bustle of a busy café, you can find your own quiet corner of video communication. By donning a pair of headphones and...
The best gaming chat headsets have surround sound and noise reduction.

The Best Gaming Chat Headsets Keep Your Focus on the Competition

The only one of your five senses that can be truly immersed in an online game is your hearing. Your eyes can see the edges of your screen, and your fingers...