Small Business

Small Business

Discover the exciting ways businesses are leveraging video conferencing to stay connected and make their margins grow.

Ashton Bentley video conferencing room solutions bring together form and function.

Ashton Bentley Video Conferencing Integration Aims to Make Your Call More Natural

Your car is a perfect example of how to design your video conferencing room. The automotive engineering process designs a car that is a balance between the hardware needed to power the...
Oblong Mezzanine video sharing is even easier with a new app

Oblong Mezzanine Video Sharing: A New App Expands the Possibilities for Collaboration

If your video conferences consist of a bunch of talking heads in chat windows you need to start thinking more creatively. You need to start thinking multimedia. Video calls are the most...
Kinly video conferencing huddle room.

Kinly Video Conferencing Is One Way to Pack a Lot into a Huddle Room

Good things may come in small packages but there’s a practical limit to how much you can pack into a confined area. It’s a dilemma that continues to impact the video conferencing...
A man uses video kiosk retailing to buy products.

Video Kiosk Retailing Is an Awkward Answer to E-commerce

The future of traditional retail hinges on two conflicting desires--plenty of us still enjoy shopping online (in fact, 80 percent of Gen Zers look forward to in-store shopping), yet a declining...
Videxio video conferencing offers QR code sign-in to meetings.

Videxio Video Conferencing Makes Cross-Platform Use Easy

This is a user-centric world--which is great because we are all users. The digital transformation of the business world has given us users easy access to a range of products and services...
Workers in an augmented reality office.

The Augmented Reality Office of the Future May Be Complete Illusion

The dream office of the future may be almost empty. You may one day aspire to spend your working life surrounded by bare walls, sealed off from any outside noise. You...
Greater video conferencing popularity has caused changes in businesses

An Increase in Video Conferencing Popularity Brings New Workplace Challenges

Video conferencing is currently undergoing a rite of passage. Like an ancient ritual where physically demanding tasks must be undertaken to earn the right to move from one group to another or...
The best cloud-based video conferencing services have good security.

How to Find the Best Cloud-based Video Conferencing Services for Your Business

If you’re a small business looking to invest in video conferencing, all your worries have disappeared up into the clouds. Cloud-based video conferencing has become the industry standard, and its arrival means...
An Apple conference room display is easy with Lifesize Share.

An Apple Conference Room Display Is at Your Fingertips As Lifesize Goes Agnostic

We’re all individuals until we have to choose a tech team. For all the elasticity and seemingly boundless reach of the digital age, you make a choice every time you pick a...
Banks are closing as video conferencing banking and online banking increase.

In-Branch Video Conference Banking Is a Dying Digital Compromise

I’m not quite sure if my bank wants me hanging around anymore. Actually, I’m not sure if my bank knows if it wants me hanging around anymore. On one hand, online and smartphone...