A Video Call with Your Dog Keeps You Connected All Day Long

New tech lets you make a video call with your dog.

Your dog misses you every time you leave the house. That depth of feeling we perceive is probably the single biggest reason why we love dogs so much. There’s no way anyone else in your life is going to spend hours waiting by the door for you to return. While that super excited greeting we get when we do come back may warm our hearts, it can be a symptom of separation anxiety in pack animals not built for long periods of time alone.

But there are ways to remain a part of your dog’s day-to-day routine without having to take them into work with you. Today’s technology can help you keep an eye on your pets and even enjoy a video call with your dog so you can stay connected all day long. 

How to Make a Video Call with Your Dog 

Video calling is already being used to enable remote veterinary care and even remote dog training, but such is our love for our pets, it was only a matter of time before someone recognized that emerging video calling technologies could be harnessed to create a niche market of devices and apps for making a video call with your dog just for fun. While some pet owners use repurposed home security or child monitoring video cameras to let them watch over their dog all day long, there are a few systems around now that let the information flow in both directions so both sides of the relationship can express themselves. 

The Pet Monitor VIGI app is a form of digital doggy daycare that can help to affordably reduce pet anxiety.

PetChatz offers a premium product that includes a paw-operated device that lets your dog send you a signal that they are ready to chat. The chat itself is powered through a remotely operated, wall-mounted video conferencing system positioned at your pet’s height. The conversation, regardless of who initiates it, can also include treat distribution via a remote doggy vending machine kept safely under the control of the human side of the video call.

Another option comes via Pet Monitor VIGI. This app allows you to receive notifications when your pet is howling, barking, or otherwise making noise. Then, you can remotely interact with your dog (or cat) to calm them down. The app even allows you to monitor past behaviors to find patterns that cause problems and eliminate them. It’s a form of digital doggy daycare that can help to affordably reduce pet anxiety.

The Rise of Wearable Tech for Pets

Today, most pets have embedded microchips that can be scanned to retrieve their owner’s name, address, and phone number. However, those devices don’t transmit data in real-time. The information on them is static and is difficult to change. To provide real-time updates, pet wearables would need to include some type of always-on video call link. An open line of communication like this would help owners monitor where their pets go and review their health and behavior. 

FitBark monitors activity levels, sleep quality, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall health and behavior.

FitBark offers a version of this idea. This pet equivalent of the Fitbit monitors activity levels, sleep quality, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall health and behavior. The device stores this information and syncs it to an owner’s phone or other device. Pet owners can then use the data they glean from the device to draw conclusions about times or events when their pet might be in distress–a thunderstorm, for instance–and turn to other connected devices, like security cameras, laptops, and smart TVs, to communicate with their pets and put them at ease. 

IoT Options in Pet Care 

FitBark isn’t the only internet of things (IoT) device for dogs. There are now many IoT products that allow us to communicate with our pets and even play with them from a distance. PetCube serves up a good example. This device provides communication, comfort, and treats, as well as an interactive laser toy pets can chase after while their owner is away. 

In some cases, these technologies allow pets to let themselves into the yard–or you can let them out remotely. The Wagz pet door offers both options. The app also sends video alerts and keeps owners up to date on their pet’s movements in and out of the home. 

Today’s digital pet devices allow pet owners to monitor their pet’s health and happiness.

A variety of harnesses are currently compatible with mountable cameras, including the GoPro Fetch Dog Harness. With it, owners can comfortably mount a GoPro camera on their dog, either on the dog’s back or chest, and capture footage during their travels. In the future, the ability to mount cameras on pets may become less of a novelty and more of a security measure. Cameras may become smaller and capable of transmitting two-way audio data, meaning owners will be able to comfort their pets from a distance while watching from a dog’s eye view.

Today’s digital pet devices allow for much more than just a basic video call with your dog. They allow pet owners to monitor their pet’s health and happiness and even play with them remotely. These devices and apps are becoming virtual dog sitters that relieve busy pet owners of the guilt of being away from their pets and allow them to ensure that their fur babies remain happy, healthy, and relaxed throughout the day. 

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