McLaren Racing and Logitech Collaborate on High-Speed Communication

McLaren Racing and Logitech are teaming up

When fractions of seconds define the difference between victory and defeat, you need communication at the speed of sight. That’s why the McLaren Formula One team has overhauled its network of racing and development offices with a new suite of video conferencing solutions.

The British racing giant, which also competes in the Indianapolis 500 and has won the Canadian-American Challenge Cup, may be a major player in one of the world’s most glamorous sports, but it shares the traits of many modern businesses. Behind the champagne and the 200 mph race days on tracks around the globe is a dispersed, highly mobile team of professionals. Those professionals collaborate on engineering and logistical challenges that may trump the complexity of those discussed in your average business meeting, but they still have the same need to host effective discussions across vast distances in order to find solutions.

And so, McLaren Racing and Logitech–one of the video conferencing world’s leading hardware makers–have teamed up to streamline the F1 team’s communications and provide a digital advantage off the track.

McLaren Racing and Logitech Unite

Logitech has helped overhaul the way the McLaren F1 team conducts its business. There are now small form factor keyboards and peripherals in the pits on racing day and new webcams and huddle room and conference room technologies in the offices to help support the less stressful aspects of motorsport life.

If you don’t mind a bit of a corporate lovefest, you can see some of the video conferencing choices McLaren has made in the video below.

Beyond the polish of that video, and the industry, the McLaren and Logitech partnership delivers the same workplace efficiencies and communication that every multi-point business requires. The end goal is the same–to make it easier to communicate.

Virtual Meetings Between Real People

The hardware headlines of the Logitech/McLaren collaboration focus on two of Logitech’s high-end video solutions: the versatile MeetUp camera and the touch-sensitive SmartDock control console. The former is a 4K-capable camera that can be deployed in small or large rooms and features a 120-degree field of view, integrated speaker and microphone array, and smartphone control options. The latter is the fruit of another collaboration, this time between Logitech and Microsoft, which provides one-touch video meeting launch and controls to power Skype for Business connections. 

Simplicity and uniformity of the user experience are key to the McLaren and Logitech partnership.

What both have in common is a focus on the user. These are essentially plug-and-play solutions that automate and streamline in-meeting functions–and it is refreshing to hear that a big tech business like McLaren still prioritizes ease-of-use when putting together its communications systems.

In fact, simplicity and uniformity of the user experience are key to the McLaren and Logitech partnership. Looking over the stated priorities of the video overhaul, it’s clear that McLaren was looking for features and capabilities that all companies could benefit from:

  • Off-the-shelf devices that need little IT expertise
  • Single-source support and integration
  • Universal access to common video standards across the network
  • Common user experience
  • Software-agnostic hardware to enable third-party collaboration
  • Automated meeting controls and camera functions
  • Multiple endpoints across locations

It seems that even racing engineers want simple, hassle-free video meetings they can launch from anywhere. As with all communications, the goal is to let team members talk to each other as easily and effectively as possible.

From the Racetrack to the Huddle Room

The McLaren Racing and Logitech partnership is a way to deploy technology that’s so streamlined and easy-to-use that it doesn’t get in the way of communication. The goal for McLaren was clearly to find a way for team members to communicate face-to-face in an instant, without having to turn to the IT guy for assistance. 

For McLaren, as for any business, time saved on smoother meetings amounts to better collaboration.

If you want your business to follow in McLaren’s footsteps, you’ll need desktop, huddle room, and conference room connections across common platforms. You’ll need a single access and execution experience so team members can use familiar forms across locations. You’ll need rapid launch hardware that becomes secondary to meeting content. And you’ll want a low-cost rollout that creates value elsewhere by freeing up resources and time.

For McLaren, as for any business, time saved on smoother meetings amounts to better collaboration and an easier, more natural flow of ideas.

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