JusTalk Vs. Skype: Skype’s Makeover Helps It Match JusTalk for Frivolous Fun

comparing justalk vs skype

JusTalk vs Skype. For some time the two platforms have been in different realms, but comparisons with youthful apps like JusTalk are exactly why Skype was given its recent makeover.

Just a few months ago, Microsoft revealed the “new “ Skype (we reviewed the 2017 Skype update here), filled with emojis, video messaging, and Snapchat-style photo sharing, all dressed up in a reinvigorated color scheme. The purpose was easy to understand–the social side of the video calling world had shifted toward instant, brief, and light-hearted little bites of information, and Skype was synonymous with long, scheduled video calls on grandma’s birthday.

With its hip new features, Skype can neutralize the fun factor that apps like JusTalk bring, and can differentiate itself through its formidable depth of features and actual video calling qualities. In our opinion, this is more than enough to make it the clear choice over JusTalk, even though the latter does have some unique features.            

JusTalk vs Skype on the Basics

Both Skype and JusTalk offer a standard view of the world once you get your video call up and going. It’s a clear, full-screen image of the incoming caller across both iPhone and Android with the usual self-view tucked away in a thumbnail in the corner (JusTalk doesn’t support desktop calling, so Skype wins there by default). And, in my own experience using both, there’s also little to separate them on the quality of call–even if Skype performs better in areas of poor network coverage.

JusTalk, however, can’t handle a group video call, while Skype can make room for up to 25 people on mobile. Now, you may not have a use for a group video call among two dozen friends, but you can certainly think of a reason to speak to two or three others at the same time. That’s the common theme when it comes down to JusTalk vs Skype. JusTalk is fine, but Skype goes a lot further.

JusTalk’s Unique Video Calling Features

Before I completely ruin your impression of JusTalk, here are some of the features it has that Skype doesn’t. After all, JusTalk is a quality app, designed for the video calling basics.

Night vision: JusTalk has a built-in low-light function that boosts the image quality when you’re calling in dim surroundings.

Video Call Recording: You can record and save your entire video call, or even just a few key moments. Pretty good when you consider that you’ll need a third-party app to do that on Skype.

Doodling: JusTalk’s signature feature lets you draw funny glasses and Crayola-level works of art all over a live video call.

Personalized Greeting: You can use that Doodle function to draw on your profile and that of your friends, and then use the new image to launch a video call.

That’s about where the good times end for JusTalk. In just about every other aspect, from signing up without a phone number (Skype has gone so far as to invite anonymous guest video calling) to sending animated emojis and making group calls, Skype is a clear winner.

Skype Has More Features Than Your Average Video App

Skype was always more serious about video calling than JusTalk. It has professional-grade features like screen and file sharing, chat bots that can teach you a new language or order you a pizza, offline video messaging for when your friends aren’t on the app, and a new Snapchat-inspired Highlights function that lets you send out videos and photos to whole groups of friends at the same time.

And that doesn’t include the dozens of new icons, animations, and emoji available on the overhauled chat function. Plus, you get add-ons for third-party apps–YouTube and StubHub are two–and Skype’s real-time audio and chat translation service.

Skype’s real competitors are big video chat apps like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. To take on those mega-million user apps you need a host of features, both serious and frivolous.

All that functionality is overkill when compared to a niche app like JusTalk that was designed to appeal primarily to social media-loving young users. Now that Skype has introduced some sillier features to its arsenal, even that advantage has dropped away.

Unless you just have to experience the thrill of drawing silly pictures on your friends, in our opinion there’s just no good reason to go for JusTalk over Skype. Skype’s recent overhaul may seem unnecessary, but it makes it all the more clear that this is a video calling platform that has everything you need, and more.

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