Vidyo Video Conferencing Review: The WebRTC Platform Is Feature-Rich and Lets Hosts Take Charge

review of Vidyo video conferencing's features

Vidyo video conferencing is for those who like to be in charge.

It’s a professional video calling service that scales up to suit the size of your business, and it has everything you’ll need to keep the conversation flowing in the right way. You can launch group meetings from your browser across desktops and smartphones, and as host you can control not only who enters a meeting but exactly what they can contribute.

That’s power.

Take Charge of Your Video Conference

Vidyo’s cloud-based video calling lets you know right up front just how much control you have over a meeting. Top of screen and center of the page in your main control screen are the basic options to shape how your meeting will function.

With your power as host, you can remotely disable the camera and audio functions of your guests, and even prohibit them from turning their own devices back on. That’s a feature few VC platforms offer, and it certainly limits the amount of interruptions that can occur during a meeting. You can also get a similar effect by switching to Presenter mode, which automatically cuts the audio capabilities of everyone else in the virtual room.

You can also instantly lock a meeting with a single click from this main control screen. The feature not only offers protection from anyone who has received an unintended meeting invite, it also lets you lock out latecomers who would otherwise have interrupted proceedings. It’s not a unique tool, but it is a useful one, and adds to the feeling you get with Vidyo of being truly in charge of every aspect of video conference meetings.

That’s a couple of nice little features right off the top of the Vidyo video conferencing experience. My only complaint about this otherwise well laid-out control screen is that it opens in a separate browser window when you launch a meeting, and it can be difficult to switch between your controls and your live stream while mid-call.

Recording Video Conference Calls

Vidyo makes use of its cloud-based setup to let you record your meetings and store them remotely. The recorded host-view of the meeting is available as soon as you’ve hit the stop button, and you can download, edit, share, lock and, of course, delete your files as you wish.

It’s a great way to keep the minutes of your meeting, and the edit functions let you pare down the conversation for other uses, such as training or orientation videos.

This is hardly a revolutionary feature as it’s found in a number of cloud-based platforms–though some of the big boys, like Skype, still rely on third-party apps to pull it off–but its presence here rounds out Vidyo’s offering.

You’ll also find the usual screen sharing and group chat features, and there are a range of options to help you find the best blend of visual quality and stream speed for your machine and group dynamic.

That dynamic can be as complex as you need it to be.

As Vidyo is browser-based you can let anyone on a desktop join the conversation simply by clicking an emailed meeting link, sparing them the fuss of having to download the app itself or be a Vidyo subscriber.

Smartphone users can also join the meeting without joining Vidyo, though they will have to get the app to participate. On both iOS and Android that aforementioned email link will take you first to the app store to fit you out for the meeting, but it can take a while to download and install, so you’ll need to make sure any mobile meeting participants know to set aside the time to get the Vidyo app.

Vidyo Video Calling Is Made for Bigger Things

While Vidyo’s browser-based video conferencing has more robust group meeting features than pretty much anything casual and free-to-use platforms can prove, this one is purely for professional needs–which is why they make you pay for it.

Vidyo has made a name for itself deploying VC services across some innovative spaces, including interactive ATMs, remote critical-care management in hospitals, and linking the 20,000-strong scientific workforce at CERN.

It’s operating on a scale far above any average social setting.

However, if you’re a small business with big ideas, or just a big business, I’d certainly recommend you try Vidyo’s free trial offer. If you’re after a browser-based VC service to quickly get you into a meeting with anyone, anywhere, you’ll be impressed with what Vidyo offers.

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