The New Logitech Headset with Microphone Is Designed for Mobile Professionals

The new Logitech headset with microphone

You’re a mobile professional living a world of your creation. Through the digital tools at your disposal, you control your own environment every minute of your working life.

There’s the on-demand video you watch on the way to work, the soothing music that helps you drown out the din of the office, the video call you take at your desk, and the group video conference you later attend in a huddle room after your lunch break. Finally, there’s the podcast you stream on the way home. You’re in your own zone all day and can switch between a world wide web of connections at any given moment.

You’re also the target audience for the new wireless Logitech headset with microphone designed for the mobile, multimedia professional.

Zone Wireless, as Logitech has dubbed its most recent foray into the realm of office headsets (and its first new headset in almost four years), is your flexible, customizable companion in every aspect of your work life.

We see Zone Wireless as Logitech’s way of recognizing that work has become a worker-controlled experience.

What’s Unique About the New Logitech Headset with Microphone

Zone got its formal introduction to the world last week and it brings with it some bold promises.

Logitech describes it as audio for the whole workday and is backing that up by giving the headset enough versatility to connect with your smartphone and desktop. It’s also charged with delivering enough sonic range to faithfully render your favorite music pretty Logitechs new wireless headphones with microphonemuch just as it sounds on your personal headphones. Zone Wireless also functions as a noise cancellation device to keep you free from workplace distractions while you participate in video calls in your bustling open office. Oh, and it’s wireless so you can roam the office or your Amtrak quiet car without the potential tangle of a corded device. Even more interesting, Zone Wireless also charges wirelessly–just place it on top of any Qi wireless charging pad. We hear it has a 14+-hour battery life as well.

That’s about as ambitious as a headset can get in terms of functionality without also claiming to recreate the explosive environments of the online gaming world. Logitech has a stake in the gaming headset market as well, but no one ever pitches the heavy-duty audio (and bulky construction) of such devices as something you’d use at work.

We’ll bring you a full review of the headset’s performance once we get our hands on a pair, but for now, let’s look at some of the specs of this new Logitech headset.

Features of Zone Wireless Headset

Zone Wireless will ship in two different models, with the first to hit shelves this month and the second “Plus” version arriving in June of this year.

The base model comes with the following features:

  • Leatherette pads for comfort over prolonged use
  • Low profile design
  • Wireless Qi charging enabled (though the headset also ships with a charging cable)
  • Active noise cancellation (and ear cups designed to provide passive noise cancellation)
  • “Sidetones” capability (controlled through the Logi Tune mobile app) that lets users control ambient noise levels
  • Ability to switch between simultaneous multiple connections (phone and desktop)
  • Customizable audio equalization presets
  • Simple on-set controls for volume, mute, accepting/rejecting a call, and playing/pausing music

As has become common in the software era, Zone Wireless has a companion smartphone app, Logi Tune, that gives you access to headset controls, firmware updates, and Logitech Zone headset with micequalizer(EQ) and sidetone controls. Logitech will also send you update notifications through the app.

That’s a strong line-up of features that should let you easily slip between media and video calls. The ability to preset audio for each function is a bonus (we’re imagining a preset that boosts the bass for our “getting stuff done” music and a preset with more true-to-life sound for video conferences), and Zone Wireless doesn’t seem to have the confusing jumble of buttons on the headset itself that is common with other products.

Zone Wireless has both active and passive noise cancellation.

Noise cancellation is a must in modern headsets, especially those intended to help users carry on a conversation in noisy office and public environments. Zone Wireless has both active and passive noise cancellation, and the size of the product’s ear pads makes us hopeful that it has better passive cancellation than a typical call center-style headset’s skimpy ear pads provide. The ability, through the mobile app, to allow your own voice to creep into the conversation will also appeal to anyone who’s previously lived a headphone life without natural feedback.

While we can’t comment on Logitech’s execution without a product road-test, the intention is faultless.

Seamless Audio Transition

Multimedia audio has become the modern way to customize our working lives. The rising preference for video conferencing over audio-only channels and the absorption of the landline phone into desktop functionality means it isn’t just call center operators who are wearing headsets all day.

Logitech is looking to provide headphones that are versatile enough to stay on your head the whole day–not just while you’re in the office.

As a result, the demands on our headphones are greater than ever before. We have choices about how we immerse our senses from the moment we start our daily commute until the moment we arrive at home. Logitech is looking to provide headphones that are versatile enough to stay on your head that whole time–not just while you’re in the office.

And Logitech is right to make Zone Wireless as open-ended as it can. The smartphone has become a powerful demonstration of how digital convergence can empower us to personalize our world. It’s about time we had an audio option that improves on the sonic quality of the earbud and the clunky profile of bass-first headphones so that we can use a single device throughout our entire working day.

We’re looking forward to finding out if the headset’s delivery matches its promise.

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