Small Businesses Can Impress with the Prestige and Security of a Private Cloud Video Call

cloud video calling privacy

Investing in private cloud data storage and video calling is the small business equivalent of offering clients the use of a private jet.

It’s just the two of you up there. It’s lightweight and fast, with all the modern gadgets and conveniences. You can meet remotely, yet face-to-face, from anywhere in the world. There are no distractions.

And the knowledge that everything that is discussed and shared between you will remain on dedicated servers, rather than being bounced around a public network, lets them know you can be trusted.

It’s a private jet with private security.

You can’t get more exclusive than that.

A Very Public Cloud

The intimacy and immediacy of a face-to-face video chat belies the fact that the complete exchange is really the result of packets of digital information whizzing through networks and servers and computers that can themselves be as lengthy as the distance between the two remote callers.

And if that conversation is taking place over a public platform, as the vast majority of video calls are, then that information is travelling through some very well-worn digital pathways.

The same is true of the information stored in public cloud computing services.

While the system offers the chance for businesses to take some of their heavy data and software tools off their own internal system, it also means your information is stored right alongside someone else’s, and in due course will be moved between servers, crossing state and even international borders in the process.

And all that movement can lead to leaks.

In fact, a report by Ctera found that 35% of business using public cloud storage had suffered some degree of data leakage.

By taking your data of the grid, so to speak, and storing it in one central spot, you can limit the opportunities for leaks to occur.

Private Cloud, Private Call

It seems the Germans are leading the way in switching to private cloud video calling technology.

Video conferencing security specialists Tixeo have created a private cloud operation tailored specifically to video conferencing needs. Here all the video calls you place to a client are generated and housed in your own personal Tixeo server, with the added niceties of your own email server and database.

And, importantly for small businesses, the company manages all the IT demands that go into controlling a private server and scaling up your client offerings should demand suddenly surge. It means you don’t have to employ an entire IT department in order to offer customers the peace of mind of private data security.

If you do happen to have a little extra IT brainpower at your disposal, however, you can take the privacy and prestige angle even further and house all your calls yourself on your own private network.

Spreedbox, another German outfit, supplies the essentials to let you run your own online show, even down to the use of WebRTC-powered browser-based video calls that mean you don’t have to sign into anyone else’s platform to make face-to-face calls. You get the server, and the hardware to operate independently within it.

Now you’re in total control of your video calls and your shared data, even if the cost of Spreedbox will set you back a little more than the typical private cloud service.

Prestige Video Calling

With either of these cutting-edge German designs, or with a more basic private cloud experience, such as those offered by Cisco, Dell, Oracle, and IBM (although here your control is likely limited to the access and movement of your data) you’re ready to promise your clients the prestige package they deserve–no matter how big or small your business.

Now you can greet, brief, and serve your clients with little interference from the wider web.

Using a browser-based video calling system mounted on your own site, your first point of contact with your client can be face-to-face. No more awkward introductory emails or phone calls that have to be followed up.

And you can promise all their sensitive information will remain in your hands, under your control.

It’s a Learjet experience from a business that may currently only have the financial clout for commercial coach.

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