Video Conferencing Technologies Open a World of Marketing Innovation for Budding Fashion Designers

Video conferencing is helping fashion designers realize their vision.

That’s not a dress, that’s an Audrey Hepburn movie.

Tom Cruise’s first-date appraisal of Renee Zellweger’s little black number in Jerry Maguire is more than just an awkward platitude. It’s a demonstration of the potential emotional connection hiding among the racks of every clothing store in America.

It’s the envisioned reaction that fills the mind when that perfect cut and color is spotted while plotting a real-world first date.

And it’s the kind of internal conversation your online fashion presence should be nourishing as you differentiate yourself from the slew of cyber seamstresses still limply hanging their wares in static website windows.

That’s because video conferencing has the potential to let you sell the idea and passion behind your designs, not just the shape of a neckline.

Video Conferencing: Thought Leadership in Motion

Get ready to cut and paste these two words, because they form a term that could change the way you market your business.

Thought leadership.

It means marketing your company as a leader in your field, and you as a thinker and innovator rather than another blah business on the internet.

It’s an alternative to traditional ad placement, and relies on generating original content as discussion about the state of your industry, the future of your industry, and the leading minds in your industry.

Thought leadership marketing takes many forms, but essentially you’ll be creating a platform to provide your potential customers with new and stimulating ways of engaging with your industry, and in the meantime establishing yourself as an authority on such matters.

And if you’re working in so visual an industry as fashion, there’s no better way to get that engagement going through video.

Support a Blab Today

One way to get people talking about your business is to let them literally do some talking. Social media site Blab launched in 2015 with the express purpose of letting people get together to talk to each other in real-time within a public setting.

It allows a host to open a discussion between up to four people at once via video conferencing that is broadcast to an online audience who can make text comments on the debate, or even get a little face time themselves and join in, should the host find their comments worthy of further indulgence.

So it’s a do-it-yourself talk show with a level of audience participation that would render a network panel show a chaotic mess.

As host of a regularly-scheduled broadcast on Blab you could initiate debate on any facet of the online fashion industry, and invite all manner of leading thinkers to lend their expertise. And it’s best to keep your topics specific to maintain relevance to your audience/customers or risk disappearing into broad banalities that are dependent on live events and guest name recognition to generate interest.

Live Blab broadcasts are all searchable within the site, and can be recorded and archived so your growing audience has a chance to keep up with the debate. And, you have the chance to be established as an expert in all things online fashion–the person other fashionistas seek out when they want to reach an informed audience.

Host Your Own Video Revolution

Of course this new talk show of yours can be linked directly to and from your own site, which itself might also host a range of thought-provoking video content. What about a Museum of Modern Online Fashion that provides new designers with a platform to share their visions without buying their way onto a Milan catwalk?

Such a structure could be built using an avatar-based virtual reality platform such as the one currently operated by AltspaceVR. By publishing a public link and having someone act as a virtual tour guide, the fashion conscious can be taken on a real-time tour of installed displays via video conferencing. The system functions like an interactive version of open-world video games and works best with VR goggles, but it can be viewed easily without them through traditional video conferencing camera hardware.

Or, you could lead a debate on the ethics of fashion manufacturing by sponsoring a short documentary on the subject and inviting your customers to leave video messages on your site. Taking it a step further, you could offer people the chance to pose questions to fashion leaders and have the experts themselves respond during a video conferencing interview with yourself posted to your site.

Such a setup would require some serious online data storage, but there a number of cloud computing companies willing to manage your gigabytes, including some private cloud companies that let you maintain control over your own precious information.

Video Conferencing for Fashion Designers: Leading the Industry

Video conferencing theatrics can even be applied to the actual sales side of things.

Augmented-reality video conferencing lets the real and the digital merge to create a new way of interacting with digital technology. Essentially it projects interactive digital images over real-world streaming content.

In the fashion world, it means clothing can be manipulated and tried on via a video call. While it would take a high-end scanner on the customer’s end to incorporate accurate sizing into the experience, callers could experiment with every color, cut, and contour your catalog contains.

It’s the kind of innovation that gets people thinking about your brand as soon as they start thinking about online fashion at all.

As they say in the classics, you’ll have them at hello…or is that too corny a conclusion even for a post referencing Tom Cruise movies?

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