Virtual Wedding Planning Will Let Brides See Every Detail Using Augmented Reality

plan wedding virtually

It’s the little things that make a wedding special.

Sure, from a distance they look the same. A black and white tuxedo. A billowing white dress. But look closer at the fine patterns and details and you find the individual stamps the bride and groom make on their special day.

The trick for the wedding industry is to find and create those little things, unique to each nuptial, that can turn every trip down the aisle into a work of art.  

And the most unique thing about any wedding is the two people whose likenesses adorn the top of the wedding cake. They create a dynamic that can’t be repeated, a moment that can never occur again. Involving them in as much of the planning as possible is the key to finding the heart of the matter.

And video conferencing technology, with its ability to open new streams of communication, can get it done.

Married by Video Conference

The basic tools of the wedding planning trade are already found in online versions through sites such as BrideLive.

Video conferencing, using even the most affordable camera technology, lets wedding planners speak directly to brides and grooms from whichever remote location their reputation has pervaded.

Once a connection is made, videos, photos, and entire catalogues of options can be accessed and dissected in real-time through shared screen technology common across even free video conferencing services.

These basic services even include shared note-taking and whiteboarding features that let couples and their professional guides literally sketch out the broader elements of the big day. These files, along with a recorded copy of the video conference call itself, can be saved and shared so the planner can collaborate with their specialist contacts, and the soon-to-be wedlocked can pass on their progress to friends and relatives.

But again, that’s just replicating the day-to-day office routine of any wedding production. Sure, now a happy couple in Chicago can hear what an expert in LA has to say, but essentially you’re just saving on airfare.

Video conferencing has the power to do a lot more.

An Augmented Wedding

The perfect bridal shower gift may be a 3D scanner.

With it, the future Mrs. Right can scan the exact dimensions of the church, hall, center, parkland, or clifftop she plans to make her own for one special day. In the hands of a skilled video conferencing wedding planner these scans can form the basis of many matrimonial brainstorming sessions.

If the planner has the forethought to scan the wedding favors, centerpieces, tables, and other pretty things they have on offer, these can be directly, virtually laid onto and moved around the future wedding reception or ceremony location.

It’s called augmented reality, and it’s the “next big thing”: so big Apple values it above virtual reality technology. Essentially, it allows digital images to be superimposed over real-time streaming visuals, much the same way graphics are displayed on news and sporting broadcasts.

If the technology can allow a ninja and a bear to fight on a breakfast table, it can certainly help a couple visualize how their wedding party table would look if lined with ornate glass swans.

Interior designers are already using the technology to push virtual furniture around real living rooms.

Virtual Wedding Planning

So with this array of scanned surfaces to play on, the remote wedding planner can unveil their vision in real-time to their clients. Table settings, and the tables themselves, can be arranged and rearranged, decorations can be hung and rehung, the band can be brought in and taken out, and the walk down the aisle can be viewed from 360 different angles.

To get completely immersed in this pre-nuptial service, clients could don VR headsets strapped to their smartphones and move within their soon-to-be-created world with simple head movements, all while their wedding planner talks them through the unfurling vision.

And, of course, this virtual wedding planning goes on through the simple avenue of real-time conversation. Video conferencing lets the planner hear the reactions of their clients as soon as they see what’s in store. It’s a chance to find out about who they are as people, and let them instill their own inspiration and their own unique touches.

Not just another bride, another June, but a one of a kind creation from a one of a kind video collaboration.

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