Logitech Capture: The Latest Logitech Webcam Software Gives You More Control

The latest Logitech webcam software screenshot

If you’re ready to take your live streams to a new level of sophistication, we may have found what you’re looking for. The latest Logitech webcam software is purpose-built to give live streamers and desktop content creators greater control over their webcams and their productions.

The software is called Logitech Capture, and it’s a basic type of creative suite that lets you produce smartphone-optimized video, use background removal, control your presentation settings, and go live over YouTube.

Still, Capture is just what a lot of webcam users are looking for.

However, there are limitations to Capture, which is still in the Beta phase, that make it more of an intermediate than an advanced tool. Its limited audio options make it a less-than-perfect partner for gaming streams, it’s compatible with only three types of webcam, and the editing features are at a beginner level.

Still, Capture is just what a lot of webcam users are looking for. It’s a valuable tool for streamers and content creators of all sorts–such as aspiring YouTubers–looking to take the next step up in production quality, provided they have realistic ambitions for its potential.

What Logitech Capture Is–and Isn’t

Capture currently only works with Logitech’s three most popular streaming webcams, the C920 HD Pro, the next generation C922 Pro Stream, and BRIO (take a look at our Brio review if you’re interested in this 4K wonder). That’s a perfectly acceptable state of play if you consider the Capture a type of software expansion for those webcams. And if you have that frame of mind you’ll be well pleased with the Capture “upgrade.” (We’ll take the time here to note that Logitech didn’t offer software with the C922 at all, so this is actually more than an upgrade for that particular camera.)

Capture is ideal for content creators who are new to streaming and making videos since it’s so straightforward.

Capture isn’t, however, a way of directly streaming to a broadcast platform such as YouTube. You’ll still need to go through YouTube Creator, OBS, XSplit, or StreamLab Studio as you normally would to get your face out on the digital airwaves (and if those terms seem alien to you, check out our introductory articles on how to live stream for free and how to live stream to multiple platforms simultaneously). However, you can also use Capture as your virtual webcam along with software like OBS, which makes streaming and recording very easy.

Capture is really a way of getting more out of your webcam so you can ultimately create better content. For example, if you wanted to stream live to YouTube, you’d still have to log in to your Creator Studio and then load the Capture software as your webcam of choice from the usual drop-down menu. Once your stream goes live, it will carry with it all the formatting and features you’ve chosen using Capture. By the same token, you can retain those settings in a traditional video conference over compatible platforms.

You could think of Capture as a starter package for new streamers and vloggers.

Capture is ideal for content creators who are new to streaming and making videos since it’s so straightforward. Logitech has deliberately made the software intuitive and ready to go as soon as it’s downloaded, so that users can quickly get started playing around with it.

You can see Capture in its full corporate glory in the video below.

So, to summarize, the latest Logitech webcam software isn’t a new way to a broadcast, it’s an upgrade to the webcam you’re using to capture your content. Or, you could think of Capture as a starter package for new streamers and vloggers.

That said, you can still accomplish a lot with Capture.

Capture Optimizes Your Streams and Recordings

Maybe Capture’s most useful feature is its ability to record and transmit video in portrait rather than landscape orientation. This is perfect for creating content that will perform well Screenshot of Logitech's latest webcam software at workon smartphones. That’s a huge advantage because mobile now accounts for more than 60% of internet traffic. If you want to maximize the appeal of your streams, you’ve got to embrace the smartphone revolution.

To activate the portrait option, just look for it under the resolution options. You can also adjust your framerate from this same video menu, and both framerate and resolution options let you tailor your stream to your Logitech's latest software for webcams offers a choice of resolutionscamera and connection potential. They top out at 1920×1080 and 60fps respectively, so you’ve got the whole gamut available.

Most importantly, it’s all easy to use. There are seven scene transition effects to choose from and plenty of border colors and sizes to mess with, as well as advanced controls for zoom, cropping, and lighting–all similarly click-and-select efficient. You can also digitally remove your background using the built-in ChromaKey recording feature for blue or green, provided you have a physical screen at hand (and if you don’t, we recently reviewed a portable background screen produced by Webaround that might be your answer).

Finally, you can capture two simultaneous video inputs and control their formatting. This is handy for online tutorials or reviews, where you want to present both yourself and the topical content side-by-side.

All these features make Capture worth considering if you’re scaling up your streaming productions. Even the limitations of the software shouldn’t bother you too much if you keep that “webcam upgrade” frame of mind we mentioned earlier.

Capture Is a Great First Leap for Streamers

As we keep implying, there are some limits to Capture’s use. Gamers will be disappointed to know you can only use a single audio input, which means choosing between in-game and voice. There are complicated ways around that, but it does restrict Capture to more linear streaming. To be fair, the software isn’t designed to cater to gamers–that would complicate it, and its simple intuitive design and limited choices are part of the appeal of Capture.

All in all, if you’re creating either live or recorded video content, Capture is a nice ally to have.

Similarly, the editing options are restricted to recording and those half-dozen transition effects. You’ll find far more advanced options through software such as OBS, which is okay because you’ll have to make use of that kind of app to do any broadcasting anyway. Also, there are no built-in effects like the avatars, reactive frames, and emoticons you’ll find in a product like Cyberlink’s YouCam 8, although you can apply Instagram-like filters to change the mood or color scheme, or to create a warping effect.

All in all, if you’re creating either live or recorded video content, Capture is a nice ally to have. It’s an uncomplicated way of upping your game by professionalizing and personalizing your content, and it will make your all-important mobile viewers much happier.

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