Panopto and Video Conferencing Lets You Create Your Own Learning Library

Panopto and video conferencing can create a searchable archive.

Proper opossum massage begins with a stretch and a good shake to get rid of all the stress in your body. Next, you’ll need to moisten your hands with an unscented lotion. Finally, you begin the massage by gently rubbing the base of the animal’s skull.

How do I know all this? I watched a DIY video on Youtube.

You can learn all sorts of (valuable) lessons on Youtube, which has become the world’s unofficial video library of advice and best practice. You can find out how to turn a lock of your own hair into a makeup applicator. How to turn a washcloth into a vase. How to make charcoal ice cream.

None of this information may be of particular use to you, but such is the power of visual learning that you’ll probably feel confident about your ability to release the muscle tension of an opossum after just a single viewing of that clip.

But you can apply that power to a far more important cause by combining Panopto and video conferencing to make and maintain your own video library of best practice for your own business.

How a Visual Database Can Enhance Learning

According to research, visual learning helps students retain more than 85% of what they’ve experienced. It turns out that visual aids, such as graphs, videos, and practical experiments, can help the learning process.

Embracing our visual nature can be a useful way of conveying detailed information quickly.

In an anecdotal sense, it seems logical that the sight of a person performing a massage on an opossum is far more likely to stick in your mind than reading the steps in a manual…just try to forget this video:

Embracing our visual nature–of all our senses, the brain relies first and foremost on eyesight–therefore can be a useful way of conveying detailed information quickly. It provides a visual context to otherwise theoretical information that can be important in memory.

So what if you could translate all the written manuals, orientation booklets, and records of internal decision-making into a visual database of corporate knowledge?

You can. All you need is a quality webcam and microphone, and a digital means of categorizing and indexing visual information.

Which is where Panopto and video conferencing come in.

Combining Panopto and Video Conferencing

Panopto is a video platform company with an emphasis on preservation. Its technology works in conjunction with well-established video conferencing platforms like Skype for Business and GoToMeeting, as well as a few of our own favorites, like Zoom and BlueJeans. The Panopto software allows you to record your meetings in a more usable way than the functions included in those services. That’s not to say the visuals are any clearer or the Panopto cloud solution any better. Rather, Panopto lets you convert your recorded calls into a searchable video content management system.

Panopto actually allows you to search for specific content within a video.

The key to the usefulness of this system is that it isn’t dependant on manually entered data, such as the title, tags, and keywords. Panopto actually allows you to search for specific content within a video. It can detect verbal phrases via voice recognition and written content by optical character recognition. To make good on my “visual learning is better” thesis, here’s a video explaining the process:

The tech works on videos that weren’t recorded using Panopto, and it can pinpoint the occurrence of a key phrase down to the second, allowing you to skip ahead. Combining this extremely useful search function with an intentional video production line can turn any company asset into a visual learning aid.

Which is where the webcams and microphones come in.

Quality Recording DIY

VC Daily has long asserted that quality broadcasting and production is well within reach of the average person. By reviewing the best lights and microphones for your own videos and explaining how to live stream videos online, we encourage anyone and everyone to embrace visual communication. Using these resources, plus our reviews of some of the leading webcams currently available, you should be able to assemble your own corporate video studio for less than $1,000.

Using Panopto makes it possible to pass on the wealth of a company.

The next step is to record your material–including internal and client-facing video conferencing calls–in combination with the functionality of a service like Panopto and start building your own searchable video library of corporate information.

You can include visual records of everything from orientation material with indexes of each specific department or team to project overviews and oral histories that feature live recordings of video meetings where key ideas were raised. Instructional “how-to’s” can also be included on anything from software interfaces to corporate records management practices.

What you are left with is a cloud-accessible video library of all the information a new or established employee could need–plus a potential visual audit trail. Using Panopto makes it possible to pass on the wealth of a company–in a way that will stick in employees’ heads like the sight of a person manipulating the spine of an opossum.

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