Restage the Highlights from Coachella 2017’s Live Video Streams to Create a Virtual Concert

Live video streams let you re-experience highlight from Coachella 2017.

The great thing about the internet is that it gives you a second chance, a chance to go back in time and get a sense of the experience you missed the first time around. It’s a chance many of us will be taking this week as we scour the internet for the best highlights from Coachella 2017.

For the seventh year in a row the first weekend of Coachella was live streamed across four YouTube channels. This year also saw the return of the interactive 360-degree camera.

This time around, however, as you piece together the peak moments from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, and Radiohead, keep your friends in mind. That’s because the tech to stream YouTube videos directly into a social media app has matured enough to let you share it simultaneously with your friends and turn the best of the three-day festival into a personal concert experience.

Airtime, ooVoo and Shared Streaming Media

As we’ve discussed previously, video calling apps Airtime and ooVoo can now each stream incoming third-party media directly into the chat windows of your group video chat.

It’s a built-in feature that doesn’t require any screen sharing or additional downloads, and it makes it possible to enjoy live events, such as Coachella, with your remote friends just as intimately as if you were all sharing the same couch…or all sweating in the same desert. Both Airtime and ooVoo have partnered with YouTube and YouTube Live to stream its videos. Airtime is currently limited to mobile, and ooVoo works best as a desktop service.

Not only can you all see and hear the broadcast at the same time, you can also see and hear each other. It’s a great way to collectively join in the energy of a live crowd and generate your own real-time noise.

Shared video streaming is certainly a better way to bond over each other’s personal Coachella favorites than messaging a bunch of links and playlists that can only be enjoyed solo. With Coachella’s well-won reputation for technical innovation, we think it’s a feature they could well embrace at next year’s festival.

Shared Social Media Streams

Coachella does a great job of giving remote concert-goers real-time access to just about every act on its extensive bill, but it does so under the assumption these viewers are streaming solo. What Airtime and ooVoo provide is a default service that flows from their YouTube partnerships. The Coachella team probably isn’t even aware that co-streaming is going on remotely.

If they were, we’d hopefully get some dedicated links to the social media sites able to handle a simultaneous group stream, maybe even pre-established video chat rooms that build an audience around one of the three available channels or specific artists. Google Hangouts can also handle a YouTube stream–the benefit of a shared parent company–and it can handle group chats in the hundreds. So why can’t we have a collection of shared chat rooms where like-minded remote viewers can gather to share their real-time reactions to performances in person?

It seems a simple task when you consider Coachella and YouTube already let you customize the flow of your live stream so that it automatically jumps to the correct channel as your favorite artists take the stage. It even lets you set notifications so you don’t miss the biggest artists.

But that’s a discussion for next year. This year we’re creating our own DIY Coachella experience.

The DIY Coachella Experience

All you really need do to recreate a little Coachella magic for yourself and your friends is to get set up on a shared media streaming platform, and put together a playlist of your personal highlights.

The highest-quality videos are found on the official Coachella YouTube page, and there are around 50 clips there, but if you want to get a peek at what else went on there are a few other unofficial gems floating around.

Here are a few selections to get your party going:

Coachella’s management have been precious about releasing content online beyond their own official channels, but we think that fervor will calm as time passes. For instance, you can, if you’re so inclined, watch the Guns ‘n Roses comeback set in full from last year’s concert.

The whole three-day party gets repeated this weekend, but Coachella has traditionally left the second weekend of the festival unstreamed…too much pressure on the artists to generate a new act in a week?

So to get the full effect of the festival with shared live streaming you’re probably going to have to wait a year or two. Until then, get your distant friends together and stage your own festival online.

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