The Most Interesting Webcams of 2019 Offer Unique Features

The most interesting webcams of 2019 have nifty features like 4K.

Anyone who spends time online needs a webcam.

Video calling is rapidly growing in popularity and in our opinion is poised to become one of the most important forms of communication in the digital age. The technology is evolving to help transform the way we work, socialize, seek healthcare, learn, and play. In short, it doesn’t matter what you’re interested in; if there’s an online component to your passion–and there always is–video is going to become a part of your life.

Are you an online gamer? A telecommuter? A live streamer? Are you a college freshman far from family? A vlogger? A social media maven? In a long-distance relationship? If you fit any of these descriptions you need a great webcam to get the most out of your online experience. We’ve gathered together a few of the most interesting webcams of 2019 to give you the chance to choose something truly unique. Each of these devices stands out from the crowd and any one of them can help you unlock the full video communication experience.

The Most Interesting Webcams of 2019 Under $100

Logitech C922 Pro Stream – $99.99

The Logitech C922 is one of the most interesting webcams of 2018.One of the most popular streaming webcams, built for sites like Twitch and YouTube

A good choice for gamers and live streamers

A successor to (though not, Logitech claims, a replacement for) Logitech’s hugely popular C920 webcam, the C922 is a live streamer’s delight. It even ships with a three-month premium license to XSplit, one of the leading applications used by gamers and streamers to record video and broadcast streams. The C922 has a keep-things-simple approach with plug-‘n’-play setup and automated everything, from focus to light adjustment and beyond. There’s also software available to help users replace their backgrounds and crop their images down to a more presentable display. While we’ll admit that for a post on the most interesting webcams, this particular webcam isn’t especially unusual or exciting–no built-in ring light or 4K here–the C922 is such a solid product that it has made it onto more than one “best webcams” list. In a webcam market that’s chock-full of choices, we think that’s pretty interesting.

But that’s not all that makes this webcam interesting. Logitech has also come out with new software for this webcam (well, new as of last fall) that’s designed with live streamers and content creators in mind. It has a bunch of very handy features, including ones that let you add borders to a recording or live stream, save custom camera settings, and even stream directly to YouTube.

The bottom line? If you’re a serious gamer, live streamer, or vlogger and you haven’t yet upgraded to this improved model from the C920, you should seriously consider it.

Razer Kiyo – $99.99

A distinctive-looking webcam with a unique lighting system designed to brighten the darkest gaming rooms

A good choice for gamers and live streamers

The first thing everyone notices about the Kiyo is the unique ring light that encircles the webcam’s lens (hey, we promised these webcams would be interesting). Adjustable, though perhaps a little distracting, the built-in light is designed to illuminate the faces of gamers and live streamers without the need for a complex whole-room setup. It’s a novel approach and a nice point of difference, but the Kiyo also has enough oomph elsewhere to make the gamer in your life happy. It provides HD-quality imagery at the desired 60fps (though the top image setting of 1080p drops down to 30fps) and it has been customized to suit the most popular streaming platforms.

The Most Interesting Webcams Under $200

Logitech BRIO Webcam – $199.00

4K potential and arguably the best visuals you’ll find in a consumer webcam

A good choice for business, live streaming, and telecommutingThe Logitech BRIO is another one of the most interesting 2018 webcams.

Launched as the Logitech BRIO (although now also called the Logitech 4K Pro), this webcam provides the kind of high-quality visuals that will soon become the standard for future video calls. Even though some of us lack the bandwidth (or the video calling support) to push Logitech’s 4K device to its limits–it was the first webcam of its class to offer 4K–you can happily knock it back a peg and enjoy the best HD display currently on offer (even at 1080p it provides a higher quality picture than a webcam that’s not 4K). The smooth 60-frames-per-second display provided by Logitech’s high-dynamic range (HDR) tech makes it ideal for professional calls and live streaming. It also has an unrivaled list of features, including infrared facial recognition technology, that’s fully compatible with Windows Hello’s new security system

With its impressive technology and brand-new software (the same live streamer-friendly software as the C922), any techie, streamer, or work-from-home professional is going to be impressed with the performance of this unit.

BlasterX Senz3D – $199.99 $99.99

An ambitious webcam built to embrace gesture-driven and facial recognition technology

A good choice for gamers and live streamers

This webcam is currently being sold for a promo price of $99.99 rather than its original price of $199.99. The BlasterX Senz3D is the kind of webcam you’re supposed to wave at to get things started. Built by Creative (better known for their gaming sound cards), the Senz3D series uses a triple array of cameras to sense depth beyond its lens and make gesture-driven computing possible–a similar setup to Logitech’s 4K Pro above. It uses Intel’s prestigious RealSense technology to provide features such as background replacement and Windows Hello facial recognition scanning, and it lets you control your computer with that wave of a hand we mentioned.

As a webcam, it’s good enough to warrant a look–it’s got 1080p at 30 fps, or 780p at 60fps–but the thing that is going to impress users the most is the Minority Report-style 3D interaction. See, webcams can be fun!

The Most Interesting Webcams Over $200

Huddly GO – $499.00

The only webcam you’ll ever need to buy, future-proofed to get smarter over the years

A good choice for business and telecommuters

The GO is designed to be the last webcam you ever buy–which is handy because you wouldn’t want to pay this webcam’s price more than once. It’s a compact, classy-looking little PTZ camera with a wide-angle lens and a 16-megapixel sensor that can hit a top quality of 4K. And it’s supposed to offer a better performance tomorrow than it does today. Huddly has promised their webcam will receive constant software upgrades over time, and that they have more than 100 new features already up their sleeve. You could consider that promise a guarantee that your new “smart” webcam will always be ahead of the curve, or you could think of it as $500 investment that may or may not pan out.

Whatever tomorrow holds, the GO of today is still smart enough (it has a range of AI features including automatic light adjustment and auto cropping, a current webcam trend) and powerful enough to impress any serious video conferencing professional.

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