What Kind of Live Streamer Are You?

What you do when you go live dictates the kind of equipment you need to succeed as a live streamer. Are you a gamer, a video blogger, a cultural commentator, a casual streamer? Do you stream yourself trying out the latest beauty trends, taking down a video game boss, or playing pranks on your friends? No matter what it is, there’s equipment that can help make your live stream perfect.

Take our quiz and find out what audio and visual hardware you need for your live stream.

How often do you live stream?
Where do you host your live stream?
What kind of background do you use?
How important is audio to your streaming?
Do you interact with others during your stream?
Are you physically active during the stream?
Which of the following platforms do you prefer?
What standard of video quality do you need?
How much do you spend on live streaming equipment?
Who is your live stream audience?
How much room do you have for your live stream camera?